Who is the Bearded Minstrel?

Hullo everyone!

My name is Gonz and I am the bearded minstrel. More specifically, I am Norgald, Lonely Mountain Dwarf on Landroval server.

I belong to a great kinship called House of Play. Primarily a social kinship, I have come to truly enjoy my time more in Middle Earth because of them. It feels like having another family! Check them out and say hullo!

As stated in my introduction, Norgald is himself the bearded minstrel but it is not my main character. I have a couple of 105 tall-folk named Lubomir and Batcher whom get to roam the deepest and darkest places of the world.

I've been playing Lord of the Rings Online on and off for 10 years. Originally from Brandywine, I raided the Rift, fell the Watcher in the Water, and brought the master of Dol Goldur to his knees. Nowadays, I choose to discover the world of Middle-earth and it's many inhabitants instead of trying to fell the biggest baddie. LoTRO's endgame content is both enriching and exciting but, in my most humble of opinion, the true treasure lies within the stories of everyday common folk who rose to stem the tide of darkness, even if that darkness was just a spoiled pie.

I met my wife in LoTRO! It's a great little story that spans years which I'll be sure to share in the future but suffice it to say that this game means a lot to me.  I can attribute so many happy memories to the work done by Standing Stone Games (formerly Turbine). This blog is my thank-you and my sincere love letter to them and to all of you who have enjoyed and appreciated the world they created over the course of 10 years.

I hope you will continue to join me as we follow the story of the Ringbearers and of you! the heroes who kept the darkness at bay and were unsung until now.

Peace, love and good food,
The Bearded Minstrel


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