The Blog Has Returned!

I know, i know! It's been a long time. But I haven't been missing! I've been doing a lot of work in other areas of LoTRO such as Trait Planners, Videos, and more!

However, I will never stop my original purpose of cataloging the story of LoTRO.

You may notice today's new entry is Book 6: Turning to the North

Book 5 is left unfinished because I took a new approach to my blog where Norgald himself is now participatory to the events that are occurring. This gives me a lot more range as a writer so I hope you guys enjoy it! I will finish up Book 5 very soon, I just didn't want to start this new style in the middle of a story.

I Built A Trait planner!


Things You May Have Missed: Bree-land


Things You May Have Missed: Bree


Things You May Have Missed: The Shire


VIDEO: Mordor U21.2 Update! Filter Loot/Quests/Sounds!


TBM's Guide To: The Guardian

Disclaimer: This guide is my personal opinion on how to optimize and run Guardian's in U21. This by no means is indicative of the best possible methods and I am certain people will have better suggestions than I. Feel free to post in comments and I will review and update accordingly.

This is my Guardian, Batcher:

My Physical and Tactical Mitigation is capped, I have 100k+ health, 77k Crit Defence and 55k, 35k Block and Parry Rating Respectively. Let's talk about how to accomplish that. 1) Class Traits If you are going to be endgame tanking, you want to mix blue and yellow with 5 points into red's skills damage + rating. I am missing 2 trait points, this will go into completing 3/3 Follow Through and then 1 extra point into anything.

If you are soloing or leveling, however, you are going to want to instead focus on combining blue and red to form a really sturdy and durable solo build:

Why do you spec into blue instead of red for soloing?

In Mordor...things are hard. very har…