Tales From Middle-Earth 2: The Refuge of Edhelion (Elf Intro Story)


Tales From Middle-Earth 1: Into Darkness Falls A Star (High-Elf Intro Story)


The Blog Has Returned!

I know, i know! It's been a long time. But I haven't been missing! I've been doing a lot of work in other areas of LoTRO such as Trait Planners, Videos, and more!

However, I will never stop my original purpose of cataloging the story of LoTRO.

You may notice today's new entry is Book 6: Turning to the North

Book 5 is left unfinished because I took a new approach to my blog where Norgald himself is now participatory to the events that are occurring. This gives me a lot more range as a writer so I hope you guys enjoy it! I will finish up Book 5 very soon, I just didn't want to start this new style in the middle of a story.

I Built A Trait planner!


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Things You May Have Missed: Bree