Dealings with Goblins

Prior Reading: The Fallen King

The following story can be experienced in Thorin's Hall within Ered Luin by starting the quest “Prologue: At the Behest of Unnarr”

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Two years had passed since the events in Skorgrim’s Tomb. The dwarven miner, now a daring adventurer, returned to Thorin’s Hall where he would uncover a sinister plot to pit dwarf and elf against each other once more...

Upon his arrival, the adventurer was informed of Guard-Captain Unnarr's desire to speak to him. Unnarr had learned that one the old armories had been left unguarded. Vitharr, a dependable guard, had apparently abandoned his post.

The adventurer sought out the armory where he found Vitharr on the floor inside the armory, which had been robbed clean of its gold stores. He believed he had been clubbed in the back of the head after the intruders had dug a tunnel into the cave.

Unnarr believed that the burglars likely dug the passage from the Silver Deep and that goblins were the likely culprit.

Deep within the mine, the body of a Dourhand dwarf laid near a collapsed tunnel, confirming Unnarr's theory.

Fearing foul-play, Unnarr sent the adventurer to Dwalin, steward of Thorin’s Hall, to assess the situation.

Dwalin was certain they had driven the Dourhands from Thorin’s Hall. He sought to uncover where they had taken the gold. The adventurer took to Noglond, a way-station south of Thorin’s Hall, to seek the aid of Nos Grimsong, whose affinity to the thrushes of the mountain could potentially yield the answer.

Although happy to be reunited with his old ally, Nos hurriedly told the adventurer of his findings. The birds had seen dwarves carrying the gold through the night towards Sarnur, an ancient dwarf-city in the Vale of Thrain that had long since been lost to goblins.

The adventurer bravely fought through the goblin-infested Orodost, a fortress guarding the entrance to Sarnur when he encountered a Dourhand burglar and the goblins working together. It was revealed that the Dourhands had paid the goblins a hefty reward to kidnap an elven prince.

Having reclaimed the stolen gold, the adventurer returned to Noglond where he had the gold prepared to be sent back to Thorin’s Hall along with the revelation concerning the dealings with goblins. As the Dourhands had made the low-lands of Ered Luin, the adventurer raced to Gondamon, to warn and prepare Mathi, the lord of the fortress, for a possible confrontation with them.

The adventurer's arrival to Gondamon could not have been more fortuitous as news of the captured prince had already reached Gondamon by way of the elven emissary Gailthin, who did not differentiate between Longbeard and Dourhand dwarves.

Tensions between dwarves and elves had reached a boiling point. If the prince was not rescued, there would be war. The elven adventurer, contemplating his next move, stumbled across the dwarf adventurer who had been with him in the tomb of Skorgrim. Together,  they sought to prevent the two races from bringing each other to ruin...

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