Concerning Hobbits

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The following story can be experienced in the Shire by starting the quest “Prologue: Mundo's Complaint”

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The hobbit adventurer had finally returned to the Shire, thankful to be as far away from the evils of the world as possible. Little did he know that his peaceful day's would be few as the tides of war would soon reach him once more...

The adventurer and Mundo Sackville-Baggins arrived in Little Delving, a small village in the West Farthings. Their trek had been long but it had also been, in a manner befitting Hobbits, inconsequential. Celandine Brandybuck had departed their company in Buckland, on the eastern border of the Shire, so it had been just the two of them for some time.

Mundo had been in a foul mood. He felt that a Sackville-Bagginses should be able to travel throughout the Shire, and even Bree-land, if they should so wish it, without danger of being abducted. Believing the mayor of the Shire responsible for his safety, Mundo sought reparations for the damage to his peace of mind and the loss of comfort he had experienced during his capture.

Mayor Will Whitfoot, having had unpleasant engagements with the Sackville-Bagginses in the past, refused to be bullied any further. Still a timid hobbit, he requested the adventurer deliver the news to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, the matron of the family, on his behalf to spare him any further unpleasantness.

Lobelia was furious at Whitfoot’s decision and went into a tirade about him and the Bounders, guardsmen of the Shire, who failed to protect her nephew. She told the adventurer of the rumors of goblins on the edge of the Shire and demanded he do something about it.

The adventurer traveled to Scary,a quarry on the north-eastern bounds of the Shire, to learn more about the goblin rumor. Pansy Tunnelly, sister of Wilcome, quartermaster of Scary, told of her afternoon stroll in the Greenfields, where she had encountered a goblin, who retreated into a rabbit-hole in the ground.

The adventurer made for Brockenborings, west of Scary, to warn Bounder Primstone of what he had learned, but he did not take stock in the rumor. However, due to the increased scrutiny on the Bounders, he sought the advice of Halros, a ranger of the north.

Halros and his kin had sworn to protect the Shire. He had also encountered goblins in the Greenfields and sought their lairs to eradicate their forces and to prevent any further harm to the peaceful folk.

The adventurer brought Halros’ warning to Primstone. Hobbits, however, had not known danger in many years and were unable to fully comprehend the danger that awaited them. Primstone, Wilcome, and Pansy all believed the goblin she had seen was Golfimbul, a goblin that had been defeated by Bullroarer Took many years before; a story that had been past down for generations.

Primstone, however, was a brave and stout Hobbit. Armed with Bullroarer’s club, he made for the goblin lair alone. Halros had learned the goblins were under orders from Angmar, a kingdom under Sauron’s control. Fearing for the hobbit’s safety, the adventurer infiltrated the goblin lair in search of the Bounder.

The adventurer found Primstone cornered by goblins. Upon his rescue, together they fought deeper into the lair in search of their leader. 

Lubach, heir of Golfimbul, stood against the hobbits where he revealed his allegiance to Eogan, a man from Angmar. The hobbits, courageous and strong, defeated the goblin leader.

With the threat to the Shire quelled, The adventurer, on the behest of Halros, rode east to Bree to warn Strider, his captain, of what had transpired.

Further Reading: Interlude - The Bonds of Fellowship


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