The Blue Lady

Prior Reading: Loyalty's Proof

The heroes arrived at Tinnundir to find Calenglad amidst a flickering campfire. As they approached, the ranger looked up and smiled solemnly. He had spoken in great length to Gwindeth, lady of of the lake, but she would not yield the Silithar without first meeting Aragorn's messengers. Without trust in the heroes and trust in Aragorn, she would never relinquish the Silithar.

Calenglad urged the heroes to make for Gwindethrond, a cave in Western Emyn Uial, behind a clear waterfall that poured from the heights and fed a shady pool at Rushingdale.

Calenglad gave to the heroes a boat that would bear them across Lake Evendim. Unsure of what lay before them, the heroes crossed the river towards Gwindethrond under the night sky.

The heroes reached the waterfall and crossed into the cave. The cave exited out into a beautiful and majestic glade. It was difficult to believe that such a place existed within Evendim. While in amazement, the heroes looked to the distance to see a pale blue woman bathed in light waiting for them.

As they approached her, she eyed them incredulously before she spoke. She scoffed when they introduced themselves to her and said that if Aragorn had not learned from his past meeting, he would never be found worthy of the Silithar.

Gwindeth told of Elendil. Before he went away to his doom at the black gate, he would often spend his time speaking to her upon the shores of Nenuial. He had always given her what she desired, and Aragorn had been found lacking. The heroes would have to prove themselves to her before she would relinquish the Silithar.

The Blue Lady told of the corrupted creatures upon Tyl Ruinen, an island to the north-west of Gwindethrond and of the statues of King Elendil that had long been lost or fallen under decay. She would have them restored before she would relinquish the Silithar.

The heroes made for the Eavespire, where a small host of Elves had made camp on their way to the West. There, an Elf healer by the name of Lithuifin gave the heroes a drought that would restore the old statue.

With the statue restored, the heroes next sought the missing statue. They recalled that their friend Robin Dunkley had been working to restore a statue of a king of old. Thus, they road towards Ost Forod to meet with him.

Their journey had not been in vain. Robin had indeed restored a statue of Elendil found throughout Evendim and agreed to return it to Tyl Ruinen. With the statue restored, the heroes returned to the Blue Lady.

Pleased with their results, Gwindeth had only one test left for the heroes. When the Dúnedain began to abandon Annúminas, King Amlaith asked of her a prophecy of the fate of Arnor. When Aragorn had been told this tale, he had failed to give her what she desired most. Here again, she asked the same of the heroes before she would continue.

The heroes looked at each other and understanding dawned on each of them. Aragorn had been young and had not fully understood what it mean to be a leader. A leader commanded respect, but a great one also gave it. Together, each of the heroes bowed low to Gwindeth showing her true respect. As they rose, she stood with a smile on her face. She told at last of her conversation with Amlaith. She admitted to him that Arnor would fall. While distraught, he asked that she raise the waters upon the city and drown forever their treasure until someone of his line returned to claim it. Here, at last, that time had come.

The heroes returned to Calenglad with news from Gwindeth; she would lower the waters and allow them passage to Annúminas to claim the Silithar. The time had come, at last, to enter the Tomb of Elendil.

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