The Black Rider

The shire-part of this story can be experienced during the hobbit character new-player tutorial, the jail-part can be experienced by both man and hobbit characters.

Music Accompaniment: Chance Thomas - Ride Of The Nazgul

On September 23, 3018, the day after his fiftieth birthday, Frodo Baggins left Bag End towards Rivendell. Unbeknownst to him,  The Nazgul, Sauron's most powerful servants, crossed into the Shire dressed as Black Riders, in search of him...

While out for a night-time stroll, a lone hobbit encountered Bounder Boffin, a guardsman of the Shire. Boffin seemed unusually on edge considering how nothing dangerous ever happened there.

Boffin explained that something felt off that night. There was something in the air that did not feel quite right. Just as Boffin and the hobbit had begun their conversation, another group of hobbits came from down the road.

Their exchange of pleasantries could not be concluded, however, as a darkness swiftly fell upon them. Frodo Baggins, sensing danger, urged Samwise Gamgee and Peregrin Took off the road as quickly as possible. The Bounder and the lone hobbit, however, were too late and were beset by a Black Rider upon a dark, menacing horse.

The Black Rider sought out a hobbit by the name of Baggins. Bounder Boffin, quick on his feet and stout of heart, did not reveal the location of Frodo or his company. The Black Rider, furious, raced down the road in pursuit.

Boffin and the hobbit cut through Old Odo's Leaf-farm in search of safety, but were beset by an infestation of spiders. When they had finally cleared the way, they ran into Celandine Brandybuck and Mundo Sackville-Baggins, who were themselves being chased by brigands.

The brigands, who were working for the Black Rider, subdued the four hobbits believing Mundo to be the Baggins that the Black Rider was looking for.

The hobbit awoke in a dark cell, alone and cold. He wondered where they may be and what fate awaited him. He was not lost in thought long when two men, a ranger and an adventurer, soon burst into the prison and freed the hobbit from his cell.

Together, they fought their way through the prison. Strider told them of his companion, Amdir, who was protecting Celandine and Mundo, who was in dire need of help. As they exited the prison, they were witness to the Black Rider and Amdir in a perilous battle.

Strider, unable to open the lock on the gate in time, watched as the Black Rider dealt a grievous wound to Amdir before escaping.

Fearing for Amdir's life and the safety of Mundo, Strider made for Archet, a settlement north of Bree. Yet he knew his true charge was still in peril somewhere in the wild...

Further Reading: The Defence of Archet


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