The Defence of Archet

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The following story can be experienced during the Hobbit and Man Introduction Scenario

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Strider had arrived at Archet with his company. They had spent the long night trekking through the perilous Chetwood to bring warning of an impending brigand raid. Strider, unable to leave Amdir in his weakened state alone, now had to choose between pursuing his true charge or defending the unsuspecting town...

Little sleep was had that night, but the adventurers took what they could. They awoke to a bustling, peaceful town. Amidst the commotion, they found Strider, who was tending to Amdir's wounds. All the color had gone from the poor ranger's face yet his concern lay only for his leader, whose mission was now delayed.

The adventurers warned Captain Brackenbrook, who oversaw the defenses of the city, of the impending attack but he did not believe them.

Hoping to gain the trust of the townsfolk, the adventurers, by Brackenbrook's recommendation, came to the aid of Calder Cob, his most trusted soldier, to deal with the local wildlife.

The adventurers climbed Branwe's Folly, an old ruin, to uncover the source of the wolf threat. Upon reaching the summit, the adventurers were ambushed by Blackwold bandits, who were sent by Calder.

Strider, perplexed by Calder's treachery, sought out Otto, a brigand captured in the Archet jail, who corroborated Calder's allegiance and threatened an impending attack.

On Brackenbrook's request, the adventurers rode south to Cal Sprigley’s farm to assess the Blackwold threat. Cal, who had been raided earlier, called for aid from Combe, the next town over.

The adventurers made for Combe only to find the Combe gate barricaded by brigands...

The people of Archet were alone.

Back at Archet, Brackenbrook, upon learning of what had transpired, lamented on his folly and fell to despair. Strider, now fearing the worst, sent the adventurers to Jon Brackenbrook, the captain's exiled son, for aid in defending Archet.

Jon agreed to come to Archet's aid but first would learn of the Blackwold's plan. The adventurers infiltrated the camp and learned not only that the would strike that very night but would so with the help of agents from Angmar, servants of Sauron.

According to the plans, the Blackwolds would attack from the Old East Path of Archet. The adventurers explored and, luckily, found the east wall intact.

Jon rallied his hunters to Archet and prepared their defenses but he and his hunters had been deceived. While they heavily fortified the east wall, the Blackwolds attacked from the south gate; sacking the city.

Jon and the adventurers fought through the streets of Archet. Many citizens had already perished during the assault and those surviving fought to the last.

Jon and the adventurers arrived at the center of Archet to find Captain Brackenbrook protecting Celandine, Mundo, and Amdir.

Things looked hopeful for them until Calder arrived with his Cargul host. Amdir, seemingly in a trance, followed the Cargul out of the city. Calder, seizing his opportunity, killed Captain Brackenbrook. Enraged, Jon fought and killed Calder and his men and reclaimed the town.

Archet was saved but was badly damaged. With Jon Brackenbrook assuming leadership of the town, the fate of the town was hopeful as it focused on it's repair.

The fate of Amdir was unknown, and Strider had disappeared.

The hobbits, determined to get as far away from the worries of large-folk as possible, made their way back to the Shire.

The human adventurer, however, chose to stay in Archet and help them recover from the assault.

The hobbit and the man did not yet know of how their actions would impact the lives of many and how they would be thrust into a new age of conflict...

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