Into the Misty Mountains

Prior Reading: The Missing Rider & The Ring Goes East

Glóin had journeyed into the Misty Mountains after the Council of Elrond where the fate of the One Ring was to be decided. His kinsmen and king, Dáin Ironfoot, had sent Glóin on a secret task before returning to the Lonely Mountain.

The heroes arrived at Glóin’s camp shortly after leaving Rivendell. The dwarf hero and Glóin spoke for some time before they focused back on the task at hand. They told Glóin of Elrond’s theory regarding the missing Rider. Wishing to bring a resolution to this mystery, Glóin agreed to help them.

Glóin told of goblins that were more riled up than they had been when he and Thorin had encountered them many years ago and believed the Black Rider could be responsible for that. As such, he tasked the heroes with entering the goblin camp to find more information.

The heroes reached the camp north of the High Crag and fought their way through the goblin ranks. Atop the camp, they found Gurzmat, the goblin leader. To their surprise, he was surrounded by Dourhand Dwarves. The heroes quickly dispatched the goblin and dwarves and returned to Glóin.

Glóin was extremely troubled to hear of the Dourhand involvement, but clarity was now etched across his face. Dáin had tasked him with finding the final refuge of the Dourhand Dwarves within the Misty Mountains and this news confirmed their involvement in this villainy. His scouts had reported a dwarf and a cloaked figure entering the dwarf ruins of Gabilazan. It was clear to Glóin that the dwarf had been Skorgrím and the cloaked figure very likely the Nazgûl.

Glóin tasked the heroes with infiltrating Gabilazan and ending the Dourhand and Nazgûl threat. Deep within the High Crag, the fortress of Gabilazan stood between two Mountains-ranges. The fortress was heavily guarded by Dourhand dwarves. The heroes fought their way through until they reached the vaults. There, as Glóin had told them, stood a cornerstone that contained the floor plans to Gabilazan.

Glóin was joyful to learn the plans where still there and not destroyed. He told of Helegrod, the great dwarf-hall of the North, that fell to the dragon Thorog that caused all the dwarves to flee their halls. The key-stones that opened these halls across the Misty Mountains were hidden in a small vault near the source of the Bruinen River. To access the inner keep of Gabilazan, they would need to acquire the key-stone from there.

The heroes reached the vault. It had been overrun by Snow-beasts but there were fortunate enough to easily find the key-stone. They returned to Glóin with the key-stone in hand. The time had come at last to confront the Nazgûl and Skorgrím and bring his evil to an end at last. Glóin would not send them alone, however, and tasked the heroes to find his son Gimli to join in this mission. Soon, the heroes would find themselves deep within the final Dourhand Refuge facing a great and evil force.


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