Visual Guide to Udûn

Here it is, good luck:

Ok, I'm just kidding. Obviously that is way too difficult to really discern and understand. Here is the break down on a deed/quest level:

* Note: If the quest objective is a ring and easily reached, it won't be featured here. Just open the map and run to the ring.

Deed: The Way Into Mordor

* The Durthang tower-top is accessibly only by going through Durthang proper. The guide to Durthang can be found here.

Deed: Forgeworks of Udûn

Deed: Forge-fires of Udûn

Quest: Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Udûn

Pages 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,14 and 16 are in Udûn proper.
Pages 6 and 15 are in Anglach.
Pages 11 and 12 are in Durthang. 
Page 13 is in Durthang Tower-tup and is at the very top of Durthang Tower.

Quests: Signal Flags in Udûn

The quests Whispers and Signs, An Answer Unspoken, and Advanced Signs are detailed below:

Quests: The Things They Left Behind

The rest of these are not 100% complete yet, if you find more information, please share and I will update accordingly.

Deed: Rare Gorgoroth Chests of Udûn 

Deed: Treasures of Udûn (Incomplete)

Black Uruk Enforcers & Durthang Spies

The following mobs are needed for the quests "The Fists of Ugrukhor and The Ears of Ugrukhor"

Need help in Anglach or Durthang


  1. There is another Rare Mordor Chest at 43.5S, 8.8E. This chest is in an area of 100 Shadow with 115 enemies, so enter with caution!

    1. Aha! Found the last one too, it's right near one you've marked already, at 43.8S, 0.6E.

    2. nice, soon as I can validate, I will post and give a shout out!

  2. Thanks so much for doing this. Very helpful! :)

  3. A Formidable Endeavor! Cheers to You and my thanks!

  4. If you need coordinates for treasure caches and Rare Gorgoroth chests, you can find them here :
    Thank you for the maps, they're all very well done :)

  5. I have been all over the platform at 44.0S, 0.0E (just north of Mornauer in the level 115 orc area) to find the last of the forgeworks of Udun and can't find it. I did find a Rare Mordor Chest though. Is there a mistake on the map or did I mistake the location?

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