Turning to the North

The following story is inspired by Volume I, Book 6's Foreword: Turning to the North and Chapter 1: Of Golodir and Angmar 

Norgald rode into Rivendell tired, but victorious. A lingering doubt remained within him, however. The great drake Thorog had been reborn and escaped. What danger would this creature enact upon the peoples of Middle-earth? Had he failed his task? Norgald had truly been lost in thought as he had not noticed the fair elf standing before him.

“Our lord Elrond is pleased you return to us unharmed, Master Dwarf.” said the elf messenger kindly, “He awaits you in his study.”

Norgald nodded to the elf and proceeded down the road towards the Last Homely House. “Of course,” he thought, “Elrond will know what to do.”

It had been some time since Norgald had felt the warmth and comfort of Rivendell. Part of him wished he could rest his feet near the hearth in the Hall of Fire, but he knew Elrond was waiting for him and his news was dire…

Elrond greeted Norgald as he approached. Norgald recounted the events of the Misty Mountains and of the dragon Thorog. Elrond eyes widened as he heard the troubling news. Seeing the concern on Norgald’s face, he spoke: 

“This foe is greater than you, Norgald.” said Elrond gravely, “Thorog’s power was not fully realized, and for that, we have you to thank, my friend.” Elrond placed his hand upon Norgald’s shoulder and smiled. “I will amass a small force to learn of what has befallen Helegrod, but we have more pressing matters now to contend with. Angmar grows in power with each passing day and without a means to stem its evil, we have no hope of winning this war.”

Elrond could see the weariness on Norgald’s face; he had been through so much in so little a time. “I would wish you to remain here away from the troubles of the world.” Elrond said with a wishing smile, “But the Enemy does not rest and so neither can we. Speak with Aragorn. he waits for you in one of the guest rooms along the road that winds up the southern slope of the Vale of Imladris.”

Norgald made his way to the guest rooms where he had met with Aragorn before. As he entered, Gimli rushed towards him proclaiming in excitement. Norgald was glad to see him again. Their battle against the Dourhands had brought them together as friends were a familiar comfort to one another in an otherwise strange land.

As the dwarves spoke, Aragorn emerged, smiling. “Hail and well met, Norgald. I am glad to see you safe.” said the ranger. “It is well that you have come. This morning, a falcon arrived, bearing a message for me from Esteldín, the hidden refuge of my people in the North Downs. It would appear that another such bird came to Esteldín from the North, gravely wounded, bearing a message from one of my kinsmen we had believed long dead.”

“Go on, Laddy.” said Gimli as he nodded towards Aragorn. Norgald walked with Aragorn into a private room. “I know little more, for the message to me was brief, but Daervunn has asked me to come at once. My time here is short, and I cannot return now to confer with my people. My path lies to the south and to the east.” Aragorn whispered. “I fear that the news is grave, for Corunir was deemed lost years ago when his captain, Golodir, disobeyed my edict and took a company north into Angmar. They were never heard from again. It is a joy that Corunir lives, but what kept him from contacting us before now?”

“Will you go to Esteldín in my stead and learn what tidings have come there?” asked Aragorn. Norgald quickly agreed. Aragorn smiled sadly and walked towards the dwarf. “I have asked much of you. Know that I would not if my mission was not of the highest importance. Speak to Daervunn, for it was he who sent the message to me.”

Norgald nodded and shook Aragorn’s hand before exiting the room. Gimli snuck up and patted him on the shoulder, startling Norgald. “No better messenger than you, friend! If you ever need anything done, have it done by a dwarf, I say!”

“Yet, if you want it done in haste, better to ask an elf.” said a voice in the corner of a room. Norgald turned to find Legolas packing his belongings. 

“I wouldn’t trust yer kind with such an important mission,” snarled Gimli. “There is little to gain, after all.”

Before Legolas could counter, Aragorn and Boromir entered the room. “A scout of Gondor could cross many leagues in record time and sacrifice even their own lives to see their message delivered!” Proclaimed Boromir. 

“There is strength and honour in all people of middle-earth.” said Aragorn, ending the argument. “May your journey be safe, Master Dwarf.”

“He will be just fine! He’s a longbeard after all!” exclaimed Gimli, pounding Norgald further on the back. “My people have not walked that land in a long time, Norgald, but aid will be given should you find them.” said Legolas as he bowed to him. “How I long to see Fornost Erain with my own eyes! You are fortunate, indeed, Dwarf” said Boromir longingly. 

Norgald bid farewell to each of the company before setting off. He mounted his pony and took off towards Esteldin...


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