A Momentous Decision

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The heroes arrived in the guesthouse in Rivendell where Boromir, Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn were seemingly preparing for a journey. They heroes found Aragorn pouring over maps in deep thought. He looked up to see them enter the room and pulled a parcel from under the desk and opened it in front of them.

Aragorn carefully revealed a broken blade. Narsil it was called, and had been wielded by Elendil of Westernesse in battle before the Black Gate of Mordor. It had been broken beneath him in battle with Sauron upon the slopes of the Orodruin. Since the defeat of Sauron, Narsil had been passed down from generation to generation of Isildur’s heirs and now it belonged to Aragorn. Here, on the precipice of their secret journey, had come the time to reforge the blade that was broken.

Aragorn sought out Hemeldir, the master smith in the forges of Rivendell. Hemeldir was overjoyed to learn of Aragorn’s intent to reforge the sword. He had spent many years gazing upon the shards of Narsil when they were housed in Rivendell. Unfortunately, however, Hemeldir would not be able to reforge the sword. It would require a Silithar, an adamant possessed of the light and stars crafted in the First Age of Middle Earth.

The heroes returned to Aragorn and told him of the dire news. Aragorn was undeterred. If a Silithar was required, then they would find a Silithar. Aragorn told of his past and of his quest to forge Narsil in the past but he was too young then and did not pass the test that was set before him. He tasked the Heroes to go to Elrond with a mysterious message from him.

Elrond pondered the message he received. He wondered a great deal about what Gwindeth, a name the heroes did not know, would think of him today. Elrond told the heroes of how Aragorn came to Rivendell when he was young and how Elrond kept his lineage a secret. Elrond knew Aragorn went to Annuminas, the ancient kingdom of his forefathers, but he does not know why or what transpired. Elrond gave Aragorn his blessing to reforge Narsil.

On their return, Aragorn was delighted to know Elrond supported him. He told further of Annuminas and how the lake of Evendim had long reclaimed the city. However, in his youth, he had gone in search of the Silithar and was stopped by a river maiden named Gwindeth. She tasked him with proving his worth of receiving the gem, but Aragorn’s youthfulness betrayed him. While he had the form of a man, he did not have wisdom or experience. She refused him and he did not understand. Now, before the heroes, he did.

Aragorn asked the heroes to make for Evendim and seek out his most trusted Ranger, Calenglad. He had dutifully served his father in keeping watch of the city and continued so under Aragorn. He handed the heroes a letter for Calenglad and bid them well. He would have liked to go with them, but his current mission was one of great importance and could not be delayed longer than needed…

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