Interlude - The Bonds of Fellowship

The following story is not cannon and was not originally written by Standing Stone Games. The purpose of this story is to tie together all of the race's introductions and prologues for the beginning of Book I, Volume I. From this point onward, the stories will contain the plural "adventurers" in reference to this fellowship.

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The man adventurer had arrived at the Inn of the Prancing Pony within Bree. Most of the patrons did not pay any attention to him as he entered, but some stared at him curiously. He caught the eye of the barkeep, and approached him quietly.

“Good evening, Sir! Name’s Butterbur, what can I get for ya?” said the portly barkeep.

The adventurer looked around, careful to not draw any more attention and whispered, “I’m looking for a man by the name of Strider.”

Butterbur raised his eyebrows in curiosity. He leaned over the bar and whispered, “Y’know, you’re not the first person to ask of him today…”

The adventurer instinctively grasped his weapon, fearing agents of the enemy had come looking for him at last.

A tiny voice came from behind the adventurer, “Hullo there! I never thought we’d cross paths again!”

The man quickly turned around and brandished his weapon, where he found the hobbit adventurer who had stood with him at the defence of Archet.

The pub went silent and stared over at the unusual pair. The hobbit recoiled at the weapon, producing a tiny yelp in the process. Embarrassed, the man put his weapon away and the patrons returned to their drinks.

“I understand that men are not as civilized as hobbit-folk, but this is hardly the way to greet old companions!” exclaimed the hobbit.

“My friend, why are you not back in the Shire?” the man said as he sheathed his weapon and shook the hobbit’s hand.

“It would seem that my days of peace are long over!" he proclaimed. He leaned over and whispered, "I come bearing news of goblins, if you could believe such a thing.”

“I was fortunate, however, to come upon travelers on the greenway on their way to Bree, and it made the journey much more enjoyable.”

The man looked over to find a stout dwarf and an elf maiden walking over to them. He politely nodded towards them.

“At your service.” said the dwarf, as he bowed to the man.

"Suilad Mellon, young one." said the elf, as she curtsied to him.

“What brings you both to Bree-land?” asked the man inquisitively.

“An ancient evil has risen once more, and his eyes, once set on Ered Luin, now turns to this land.” said the elf in a hushed tone.

"My word!" cried the hobbit.

“Aye, many dwarves fought and died to defend the Blue Mountains from goblin filth!” proclaimed the dwarf.

The elf looked somberly to the dwarf and said, “As did the elves, master dwarf, and we are fortunate that they did not fall fighting one another.”

The dwarf, regretting his choice of words, nodded sternly, “and what of you, traveller?” he said pointing to the man.

“I bring news of Strider’s fallen kinsmen, but I will speak no more of it here." he said quietly, "Butterbur! Where is the ranger?”

Butterbur, who had been listening intently, jumped back at hearing his name. “Oh, of course, my apologies. Follow the hall left to the top of the stair, look for a short hall and door on the right and you should find him.”

The man turned to his company, “It would seem we all bring dire news, and is likely all related in some fashion. Come, let us meet with him together.”

As they stepped into the hallway, a rough voice called to them, "Wait. Do you seek the ranger?"

All four of them turned to see a rugged man, wearing a worn-out cloak. The man spoke first, "Our business is our own, stranger. Why do you follow us?"

The man removed the hood of his cloak, revealing markings on his face. He looked to the company and spoke calmly, "I come bearing news from Radagast the Brown. I am Grimbeorn's kin, I am not your enemy."

"I don't much like the look of him." said the hobbit.

"Beorn's son? His part in the quest of erebor is known to my kin!" smiled the dwarf.

"He speaks of Aiwendil" said the elf, "He is known to elves and a friend of beasts. I do not sense malice in him."

"Very well, come with us, we will address Strider together."

The five adventurers made for Strider’s room. The bonds of fellowship had taken its first steps and the adventurers together would soon help shape the fate of many. They knocked on Strider's door, and a voice beckoned to them, "Come In, quickly!"

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