A Company of Dwarves

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The following story can be experienced by starting the quest "Scouting the Wilds" at the Last Bridge in the Trollshaws.

It took the better of two months for the heroes to ride from the North Downs to the Trollshaws. The ride back through Bree-land and the Lone-lands served as a reminder of the dangers they had faced and of the people they had helped. They arrived upon the Last Bridge upon the great river Hoarwell.

Upon crossing the bridge, they came upon elven scouts who had made camp at the base of the eastern-side of the bridge. Alphlanc bid a word of caution to the heroes: Servants of the Enemy had crossed the bridge two months ago pursuing a small company. They were hindered at the Ford of Bruinen. The small company where brought to safety, but the location of all the Servants were not accounted for. The elves had been scouting the bridge since, and none had crossed. Whatever evil lurked within the Trollshaws remained.

The scouts directed the heroes towards Barachen’s camp, where they could find rest and information as to the evil that now spread across the Trollshaws.

The heroes reached Barachen’s camp with relative ease. He told of his companion, Heithur Ironfist, and his troubles. He and his company of dwarves had been commanded to bring relics from Thorin’s Hall to Lord Glóin, who was currently staying in Rivendell. The company, however, never made it to Rivendell. Heithur, who travelled ahead to inform his lord of their coming, returned to the Trollshaws to find evidence of what became of them.

The relics were meant to be a gift to Lord Elrond from the Longbeard dwarves. While none of the elven scouts had seen any evidence of the dwarves, Heithur was certain they had crossed the Last Bridge. The dwarf had come upon Ost Dúrgonn, an ancient Arnorian fortress, while making his way towards Barachen’s camp and believed the dwarves may have made their way to this fortress for shelter.

The heroes traveled to the ruins and found it had been overrun by cave-claws. Deep within the ruins, they came upon Toki Whitebeard, a dwarf of Heithur’s company, who was wounded. Toki told of the stone-trolls who had stolen the relics and killed his companions. He begged the heroes to reclaim the relics to prevent any dishonor to come to Lord Glóin.

The heroes delved deep into the wilderness where they came upon many stone-trolls. With luck, they defeated a troll that held the relics and reclaimed them. During their search, they reached a glade where three large troll statues stood. The hobbit and dwarf heroes exclaimed in excitement and told their fellowship of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and his dwarve's battle with three great trolls during their Quest to Erebor. The Man adventurer remarked that, unusually, the campsite had recently been used...

The heroes returned to Barachen’s camp with the relics. Heithur, saddened to hear of his companion’s passing,was at least glad to know the relics had survived. Barachen was thankful to the heroes for aiding his friend. He knew that the heroes had business in Rivendell, but urged them to seek out Elladan and Elrohir, Elrond’s sons, to learn more of what transpired months ago...

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