The Tomb of Elendil

Prior Reading: The Blue Lady

The heroes returned to Calenglad after their meeting with Gwindeth. They told him of her decision to lower the waters of Evendim to allow them passage to the Tomb of Elendil. Calenglad, while excited at the prospect of finally claiming the Silithar for Lord Aragorn, was rightfully worried about the Tomb-robbers that would certainly be taking advantage of Gwindeth’s decision to lower the waters.

Calenglad told of one such band of robbers led by Idella Crypt-breaker. With this warning, the heroes made for Annúminas. There, they found Elendil’s Tomb freshly emerged from the water.

Unsurprisingly, they found tomb-robbers had already infiltrated the tomb. The heroes fought bravely through the tomb. They found many of the robbers muttering the name of Idella and the heroes knew they would have to find and defeat her if they wished to reclaim the Silithar.

As the heroes delved deeper into the tomb, they found more than just robbers. They were soon beset by worms and beasts called Kergrim.

They finally found Idella and her band deeper within the tomb. She tried to bargain with them, but the heroes would not falter. She sent her men against them, but they fell quickly to their valor.

Idella escaped towards the Silithar's resting place but found it missing. In her last breaths against the heroes, she proclaimed that “She” had promised the stone would be here.

As the heroes looked upon the pedastal and pondered Idella's words, Gwindeth emerged and explained that the Silithar had been washed deeper into the tomb.

She warned that a great beast named Norganol now held the stone and it was vital that they not wake the beast as it had been filled with rage and hatred. As they raced deeper into the tomb, they found Norganol and a great Kergrim sleeping beside it.

They walked quietly towards the Silithar but unfortunately the Kergrim beast awoke. They fought valiantly but in its desperation, the beast woke Norganol. It arose and roared deeply against the caverns and engaged the heroes.

A great battle ensued but the beast was slain. Gwindeth emerged once more. While upset they had awoken the beast, she was glad that the stone had been reclaimed. The heroes returned to Calenglad with the Silithar and they made preparations to return to Rivendell.

The time to reforge the blade that was broken had come.

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