The Missing Prince

Prior Reading: The Fallen King

The following story can be experienced in Celondim within Ered Luin by starting the quest “Prologue: At the Behest of Cardavor”

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Two years had passed since the events in Skorgrim’s Tomb. The elven adventurer, on his way to the Grey Havens to leave Middle Earth forever, stopped by Celondim to reflect on his life where he was sought by Cardavor, an elf noble, who feared for his missing son...

Avorthal had not arrived from Duillond, to the north. Hoping his son had detoured to speak to Athal, a dwarven friend of his, Cardavor asked the adventurer to visit his camp at Nen Hilith to make sure his son was okay.

Unfortunately, Athal had not seen Avorthal in some time. However, he knew of Avorthal’s love of reflecting within the grove of Nen Hilith and believed the adventurer would likely find him there.

The adventurer did not find Avorthal, but instead an elven satchel next to the corpse of a goblin. The adventurer, suspecting danger had befallen Avorthal, returned to Cardavor with the dire news.

Cardavor was consumed with rage. Believing his son dead, he declared that all goblins would be killed within Ered Luin. News had reached him of a goblin infestation within Limael’s Vineyard to the north so the adventurer set out to eradicate the goblin threat.

The adventurer drove the goblins from the vineyard. Before his death, the goblin leader revealed Avorthal was still alive and a prisoner of the Dourhand dwarves.

The adventurer raced to Duillond, at the behest of Cardavor, to seek the council of Dorongur Whitethorn regarding the events that had transpired. Dorongur, skeptical to believe dwarves conspired with goblins to adbuct an elf, sought the advice of Gailthin, his emissary in Gondamon, a dwarven fortress in the low-lands.

Gailthin, careful to not raise the suspicion of the dwarves, sent the adventurer further north to a dwarven encampment to seek out Aglarchen, a scout who had gone in search of Avorthal.

Aglarchen, hidden deep within the dwarf encampment, revealed he had followed the goblins who captured Avorthal to the dwarf camp. He knew of Avorthal's imprisonment high above the cliffs that divided the low-lands from western Haudh Lin.

The adventurer returned to Gailthin, who informed the adventurer that Mathi, lord of Gondamon, had sworn to her that the dwarves had not taken Avorthal. The news the adventurer brought convinced Gailthin of the deceit of the dwarves.

Tensions between dwarves and elves had reached a boiling point. If the prince was not rescued, there would be war. The elven adventurer, contemplating his next move, stumbled across the dwarf adventurer who had been with him in the tomb of Skorgrim. Together,  they sought to prevent the two races from bringing each other to ruin...

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