The Fall of Edhelion

The following story can be experienced during the Elf character new-player tutorial
Music Accompaniment: Chance Thomas - The Doom Of Edhelion

In 2400 of the Third Age of Middle Earth, the Dourhand dwarves attacked the elves of Edhelion in Ered Luin. Led by Skorgrim Dourhand, the dwarves sought to claim ancient relics within the library of Edhelion as their own. Elrond Half-Elven believed the purpose of Skorgrim's assault was to achieve immortality. The relics, once coveted by a Gaunt-Lord of old, would need to be protected at all costs.

Talagan Silvertongue and his young apprentice sought to defend the refuge from the dwarve's assault. The young elf defended the refuge while Talagan and Elrond protected the library. The elves of Edhelion stood against the dwarves for as long they could but their fate looked bleak. The apprentice would have met his end had Elrond not arrived in time to smite down the remaining enemies.

Elrond and the apprentice raced to the library but were too late, Skorgrim and his dwarves had cornered Talagan. Fearless and bold, Talagan brought the library down upon himself and Skorgrim, ending both their lives and sealing away the relics forever.

The surviving elves retreated to new homes and the refuge faded and was lost but the sacrifices made to protect it were not forgotten. 575 years would pass before Thorin Oakenshield and his kin would make Ered Luin their home and his quest to reclaim his homeland would begin...

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  1. Author's note: As of 2017, this is the earliest point in the Middle Earth timeline depicted in game. This tutorial was actually fashioned from the games original elf intro, which was much more involved. The core story stayed the same, however.

  2. Am loving this! It's so great that you included the music. Beautiful job.

    1. I agree. This post is great for the preservation of the story. I have to say, though, that I'm curious as to what becomes of Dorongur Whitehorn after this - does he simply roam the ruins for the rest of his days, until he sails West? Or does something else occur?

    2. Yep! Unfortunately there is nothing left to learn from him :(


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