The House of Grimbeorn

The following story can be experienced during the Beorning character new-player tutorial
Music Accompaniment: Lord of the Rings Online - Guardians of the Wild

Grimbeorn, son of Beorn the skin-changer, had built a peaceful life for his kin after his father's’ role in the Battle of Five Armies. His children sought to live a life of greater repute but Grimbeorn, wary of the outside world, did not allow them to venture far from the Vales of Anduin. However, their peaceful life would soon be over when the wizard Radagast the Brown, arrived at their doorstep...

While performing their daily chores, Grimbeorn’s children were ambushed by goblins. The youngest rushed to alert Grimbeorn where they found him and Radagast, who had concluded their conversation.

Radagast proclaimed that the attack was clear evidence that evil was gaining a foothold in Middle Earth once more, yet Grimbeorn would not listen.

Radagast sought to alert all free peoples of Middle Earth with news of the coming darkness and insisted Grimbeorn to send all his children to the far corners of the world to deliver this news. Grimbeorn, stubborn but good, agreed to send only one of his kin.

Radagast tasked the youngest of Grimbeorn’s children to look for Aragorn, a ranger from the north, who he had last met at Bree.

Having said his goodbyes to his brothers and sisters, the young beorning set off into the wild to fulfill his destiny...


  1. Author's note: There has been a lot of debate regarding the inclusion of Beornings as a playable race. I can see both sides of the argument but denying the beorning race due to the number of them in the world would also hold true when discussing the elves. The fact of the matter is Tolkien made more than enough references to indicate the line of Beorn had grown from 1 to many:

    During the Third Age they guarded the Ford of Carrock from the Orcs and Wargs (in The Lord of The Rings, Gloin complained that their tolls were high) and they also aided the Elves in defending their kingdom in northern Mirkwood. During the War of the Ring, while wearing the One Ring at Amon Hen upon the seat of seeing, Frodo Baggins saw many things from afar, including the land of the Beornings aflame. This hints at an attack by Sauron's forces upon the Beornings, though the outcome of this attack is unknown.


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