To Avert A War

Prior Reading: The Missing Prince & Dealings With Goblins

The following story can be experienced in Ered Luin by starting the quest “Prologue: To Avert A War”

Music Accompaniment: Lord of the Rings Online - Wreck and Slaughter

Mathi, lord of Gondamon, was in a crisis. The elves suspected the Longbeard dwarves of kidnapping Avorthal, an elven prince, but it had been the Dourhands behind the sinister plot. If he could not find a way to bring the elven prince back to safety, there would surely be war between elves and dwarves again...

Fearing retribution should they fail to rescue Avorthal, Mathi sought out Langlas, a ranger from the north, for aid. As a neutral party, and one that was respected by both peoples, the result of the rescue mission would not come into question.

The dwarf and elf adventurers arrived at Thrasi’s cabin, a dwarf hunter's lodge southeast of Gondamon, where they found Langlas. The ranger agreed to take on the rescue mission but would require the aid of the adventurers.

In the cover of night, they arrived at Haudh Lin. Langlas and the adventurers fought bravely through the Dourhand camp.

When they reached the apex of the Dourhand camp, they found their leader, Hakon Ironfist, but they were too late, Avorthal had been moved to Kheledûl, a Dourhand controller port-city to the south-east. Believing Skorgrim Dourhand would reward him greatly, Hakon attacked the adventurers but fell against them.

Langlas and the adventurers retreated back to the lodge. Fearing time was against them, Langlas directed the adventurers to Svanr, dockmaster of Kheledûl before the Dourhands took over it. The ranger believed if anyone would be able to get them into Kheledûl, it would be him.

Careful not to be discovered, the adventurers silently infiltrated Kheledûl with Svanr's help. There, on a docked boat, was Avorthal. Avorthal told of Skorgrim’s army of goblins in Raith Teraig. If they did not stop him, the elves and dwarves of Ered Luin would meet their end.

With Avorthal's return, the tension between elves and dwarves diminished and their combined focused turned to the Raith TeraigAvorthal and the adventurers led a force of elves and dwarves through the mountain pass.

As they broke through the goblin defenses, they learned of the capture of a woman named Sara Oakheart. Avorthal's father, Cardavor, had gone in search of her and had not been seen in some time. He and the adventurers managed to find Sara unharmed, but his father was not in sight.

They fought deeper into goblin territory until they came upon Cardavor, who lay wounded in the final camp. As Avorthal and the adventurers approached, they were besieged by goblins and Skorgrim.

Skorgrim, who declared Ered Luin weak, set his eyes to Bree. As he left, he ordered the goblins to kill the elves and dwarves but the strength of the free peoples prevailed.

With the threat to Ered Luin over, The adventurers, on the behest of Langlas, rode south to Bree to warn Strider, his captain, of Skorgrim's rise and the danger coming to the south...


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