Fallen to the Wargs

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The following story can be experienced by starting the quest "To Amon Raith" in Amon Raith at the North Downs

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The sun was now high, and it shone down through the half-stripped branches of the trees, and lit the clearing with bright patches of light. They halted suddenly on the edge, and peered through the tree-trunks, holding their breath. There stood the trolls: three large trolls. One was stooping, and the other two stood staring at him. ‘Well!’ Frodo said. ‘We are forgetting our family history! These must be the very three that were caught by Gandalf, quarreling over the right way to cook thirteen dwarves and one hobbit.’ Pippin looked astonished. ‘I had no idea we were anywhere near the place!’ he Pippin. He knew the story well. Bilbo and Frodo had told it often; but as a matter of fact he had never more than half believed it. Even now he looked at the stone trolls with suspicion, wondering if some magic might not suddenly bring them to life again.


The heroes reached Amon Raith in a few hours time after departing from Mincham's camp. Atop the ruins, the heroes found the ranger Amarion along with a company of disheveled and distraught villagers from Annúndir, a stretch of farmland between the fields of Fornost and Kingsfell. Amarion had made been stationed upon Amon Raith when the villagers arrived. They had been driven out of their homes by wargs and goblins and were in dire need of help; Amarion had no choice but to look after them.

Amarion did not have the resources to care for the villagers, however, so he asked the heroes to first acquire meat from the boars that wandered Minas Vrûn, the ruins of a great Arthedain city, to the east.

Eager to help the refugees, the heroes were able to gather enough food for the villagers to make due for some time. With stores taken care of, the ranger set his eyes to Annúndir. At his behest, The heroes scouted the goblin camps. They came upon a man who was cornered by a goblin. They ran to his aid, but the goblin escaped back into the camps before they could defeat him. The heroes directed the man back to Amon Raith and set out to clear the area of the goblin threat.

With the goblins driven from Annúndir, the heroes made for the farms. Wargs, foul and twisted wolves of great size, had made the farmlands their home. The heroes struck down the wargs while the stragglers made north into the wild.

With Annúndir reclaimed, Amarion and the refugees could rebuild their homes. The ranger asked that the heroes offer assistance and company to Othronn, a ranger tasked with manning a lonely post on the eastern borders of Annúndir.

The heroes found Orthonn beside his camp upon the ruins of Ost Lagoros. Orthonn, delighted to have company, spoke with the heroes for a long time about a great deal of things. He told of his guilt for failing to protect the people of Annúndir and his desire to aid them. To make amends, he sought the help of the heroes to gather pelts to keep the refugees warm in the night. The heroes acquired the pelts from bears and wolves around the ruins.

He bid them farewell as he made his way to Amon Raith to deliver his package. Sad to see them go, Orthonn directed the heroes towards Esteldin, the Ranger's greatest bastion in the North...


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