The Quest of Erebor

Prior Reading: The Fall of Edhelion

The following story can be experienced during the Dwarf character new-player tutorial
Music Accompaniment: Lord of the Rings Online - Oakenshield
575 years after the fall of Edhelion, Thorin Oakenshield and his kin, driven from the Lonely Mountain by the dragon Smaug, made a home in the Blue Mountains on the ruins of an ancient dwarf city. Thorin, however, longed for his people to return to Erebor and that day had finally come.

As he was about to begin his long day of work at the Silver Deep, a dwarf miner met Gandalf the Gray, an adviser to his lord Thorin, who bid his company.

Gandalf spoke of Thorin’s quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and of his intention of bringing along a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins as their burglar. As they approached the mine entrance. the unlikely pair happened upon Thorin, Gloin, Gimli, and Gormr Doursmith as they completed their final preparations. Before departing for Frerin’s Court to join the rest of his company, Thorin appointed Gormr steward of Thorin’s Hall in his absence.

The mine shook and crumbled furiously as the miner approached. Fearing danger of collapse, Gimli, who had come to see his father Gloin off, bid the aid of the dwarf to evacuate the miners inside.

Inside the mine, the dwarves convinced the remaining miners to evacuate. However, Tvistur, an older dwarf with poor hearing, did not hear Gimli’s plea in time and opened a tunnel that let loose a cave troll which promptly killed him. Gimli, stout and brave, drew the attention the troll's ire and led him deeper through the mine.

The miner, fearing for Gimli's safety, followed close behind. On his way, he stumbled upon elven ruins and the well-preserved, lifeless body of an evil-looking dwarf, surrounded by odious red flowers...

making note of his discovery, the miner finally reached Gimli, who was fighting the troll head-on. Right when it looked as if Gimli would fall, Gandalf arrived alongside Gormr, who had sought his aid, and exposed the cave to sunlight which turned the troll to stone.

Gormr's eyes caught the attention of a curious trinket on the ground. Gandalf mused that it was likely elven in origin as they stood on the ruins of the library of Edhelion. The miner told Gandalf of the corpse he had found. Gandalf believed it was Skorgrim Dourhand, who fell alongside Talagan Silvertongue five centuries earlier. Gormr, curious of the fate of his ancestor, went to investigate the body while Gandalf departed with Thorin's company on their quest...

Further Reading: The Fallen King


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