Of Golodir and Angmar

The following story is inspired by Volume I, Book 6's Chapter 1: Of Golodir and Angmar and Chapter 2: Against His Lord

Norgald arrived at the gate of the ranger stronghold, Esteldin, late at night. His journey had been long but he had become accustomed to trekking across Eriador. His mind wandered to thoughts of the blue mountains, and if word had reached Dwalin and his kin that Skorgrim Dourhand had been defeated. “Gloin wouldn’t have wasted a second.” chuckled Norgald to himself.

Norgald had visited Esteldin before and had grown accustomed to the hidden eyes that watched his arrival. It was not an accident, after all, that Esteldin had stayed safe all this time. Norgald had not taken more than 10 steps from his horse when Halbarad and an unknown ranger approached him. “Welcome, Norgald. Did Aragorn not come with you?” Halbarad asked.

“His path takes him elsewhere,” said Norgald as carefully and calculated as he could. “Alas,that is fell news!” Proclaimed the ranger beside Halbarad. “Little would keep our captain from his kin in danger, whatever his quest may be, it is surely of great importance, but we will speak no more of it here, Daervunn” said Halbarad. “Come, Master Dwarf, your journey was long and I bid you rest, while you may.”

Norgald sat beside a campfire happy to have a brief respite. Halbarad had brought him a bowl of hot soup and joined him. Daervunn had arrived and spoke to Halbarad, “The sentries report no movement from Dol Dinen or Kingsfell.” Halbarad sighed gladly, “Good, good.”

“Aragorn bid me to learn of the fate of your kinsmen in Angmar, could you tell me of what has transpired?” asked Norgald. Daervunn put his hands close to the fire and said, “Perhaps I should start from the beginning.” Halbarad nodded in agreement.

“Many years ago, one of our captains -- a man by the name of Golodir -- desired to enter the realm of Angmar, for he had heard rumour that the descendants of the ancient Hillmen of Rhudaur had made for themselves a home there and began again to multiply. He suspected also that a shadow had come again unto Carn Dûm, for fell creatures began to spread southward into the North Downs.”

“Carn Dûm?” asked Norgald. “The capital of Angmar and the Witch-king’s seat of power.” spoke Halbarad. “Until King Eärnur defeated him.”

"But who truly defeated who, Halbarad?” remarked Daervunn.

Norgald looked to Halbarad who gazed at the ground. He met Norgald’s eyes and spoke, “Many years after his defeat, the Witch-king challenged Eärnur to battle within Minas Morgul. Through great council, he refused the challenge but the Witch-king mocked him and challenged him again. He entered Minas Morgul with a small company and was never heard from again…”

“Although it has been barren for hundreds of years, Aragorn forbade any to go there, for that land still had an ill-name.” continued Daervunn. “Nevertheless, Golodir gathered those who would go with him and passed out of our memory -- until a few weeks ago. A wounded falcon arrived, bearing a message from Corunir, one of Golodir's company, stating that he has been dwelling at a place called Aughaire, a village of the Hillmen somewhere north of Ram Dúath.”

“Then that is where I shall go, I will ready my horse.” proclaimed Norgald as he got up.  An arm met his shoulder, stopping his movement. “We may have not yet seen the darkest times ahead, Master Dwarf, but you will need your strength to face the dangers ahead.” said Halbarad. “Rest now, and we will accompany you off in the morning.”

Norgald reluctantly agreed. A tent had been prepared for him and he laid down comfortably for the first time in weeks...

Norgald was awoken by Daervunn as the sun was rising. The rangers had already packed his provisions and pony. After a quick meal, Norgald and the rangers took the eastern path out of Esteldin. “I do not know what awaits you within the Ram Dúath, Norgald” commented Daervunn, “But if evil stirs in Angmar, send word and we will come to your aid.”

Norgald bid the rangers farewell and began his journey across Nan Amlug towards Angmar and Corunir.


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