The Vale of Imladris

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The dwarf and elf heroes were glad to be reunited with the sons of Elrond. They spoke for a long time about what they had encountered since their adventures in Ered Luin. Elrohir and Elladan were scouting the wilds of the Trollshaws for a looming threat and believed the news the heroes brought would bring clarity to the puzzle their father, Lord Elrond, was trying to solve.

The sons of Elrond urged the heroes towards Rivendell. The heroes rode east until they arrived at the Ford of Bruinen. From the ford they rode north upon the High Moor towards Rivendell. With haste, they arrived upon Rivendell in a day’s ride.

Upon entering the valley, they were stopped by an elven guard. The heroes told the guard of Halbarad’s message to Aragorn and of their meeting with Elladan and Elrohir. The guard quickly directed the heroes towards a building where Aragorn awaited.

The heroes entered the guest rooms and were met by an unusual group of people. A dwarf, by the name of Gimli, turned towards the dwarf hero and exclaimed in surprise. An elf from Mirkwood called Legolas introduced himself to the others while the dwarves conversed.

A Man appeared within the room, curious at the noise that had erupted within. He introduced himself as Boromir, son of Denethor, Captain of Gondor. The Man hero apologized for their intrusion and asked to speak to Aragorn. Boromir measured up the man before he led them into a room where Aragorn awaited.

The heroes were surprised to find Strider before them. Aragorn, delighted to see his companions, explained to them the reason for the deceit; Aragorn was a descendant of the line of Isildur, king of Gondor. While traveling through Eriador, he took on the name of Strider to keep his identity a secret.

The heroes told Aragorn of what had occurred in the North Downs and Bree-land. When the heroes presented the morgul-hilts to Aragorn, they were surprised to find Gimli, Legolas, and Boromir looking upon them. Aragorn looked upon the hilts with dread. He immediately covered them up and urged the heroes to go to Elrond. He directed them towards the largest building within the vale; the Last Homely House.

The heroes found Lord Elrond within his library. As they approached, Elrond turned to greet them. They presented the morgul-hilts to him and he studied them carefully. He looked up at them and told them of what had occurred in the last two months. Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, and his companions were pursued by the Nazgûl across the Trollshaws. With his might, Elrond was able to raise the Bruinen against the Nazgûl and drive them away.

They retrieved the steeds of the Nazgûl, but only eight. Elrond would investigate the nature of the hilts, but in the meantime asked the heroes to return to Elladan and Elrohir in the Trollshaws to find the missing horse and rider...

Further Reading: The Missing Rider


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