Loyalty's Proof

Prior Reading: A Momentous Decision

After a long journey, the heroes arrived upon the shores of Lake Evendim. It's most striking feature was Annúminas, the city of the Kings of Arnor before the capital of the North Kingdom was relocated to Fornost. The city lay on the southeast shore of Lake Nenuial, near the source of the Baranduin river. To the south and west of Annúminas rose the Hills of Evendim. Upon a small island on the eastern shore, there stood a ruin upon the shore that still possessed the grandeur and strength it once had in ages past called Tinnundir.

Various Men had made these ruins their home. The leader of the group, Calenglad, came to greet the arrival of the heroes. Calenglad had patiently been holding out against the continuous waves of threats against the old Arnorian kingdom and its crumbling ruins and tombs, with their precious contents. They handed him Aragorn’s letter and he read it thoroughly. Unfortunately, he could not trust the letter alone. Tomb-robbers had plundered the vaults and tombs of Annúminas and believed the letter could be a forgery intended to relax their guard. Deeds, not words, would be required of the heroes to prove their allegiance.

Calenglad lamented the situation. He would have to prove the heroes worth but if they proved true, he would be delaying his lord’s mission. He told the heroes to aid the rangers of Tinnundir to prove their loyalty to their cause.

The rangers of Tinnundir were skeptical of the heroes intentions but were in desperate need of assistance. They sent the heroes upon various tasks and errands across Evendim which included reclaiming relics and slaying tomb robbers. With their loyalty obtained, the heroes returned to Calenglad.

Calenglad, convinced of their valour, told of Gwindeth, the Blue Lady of the Nenuial. She was the protector of the Silithar and was slow to trust Aragorn. Calenglad bid the heroes to continue to aid the people of Evendim while he set out to speak to her about his Lord's desire to remake the blade that was broken. The heroes made for Ost Forod where they met with Robin Dunkley who had grown concerned about a local hunter named Nat Rapkins who had not returned from his hunt.

The heroes scoured the hills north of Lake Evendim and were distraught to find Nat strewn upon the hillside. With his final breath, he told of the Guaredain, hill people who worship wolves, who were responsible for his wounds. The heroes took his belongings and made for Ost Guruth with the sad news.

Robin was saddened to hear of Nat’s passing but angered at the Guaredain. He told the heroes of their camp on the western hills of Lake Evendim, Emyn Uial. The heroes rode for Tinnundir. Calenglad had not yet returned from his mission, so the heroes took one of the ranger’s boats and sailed across the lake to bring vengeance to the people of Evendim.

The heroes stormed the Guaredain camp and slew every evil man they came upon. With the camp cleansed, the heroes returned to Ost Forod. Robin was glad that vengeance had been dealt.

Robin told the heroes that word had come from Tinnundir. Calenglad had returned and wished to speak to them as quickly as possible. With that news, the heroes rode for Tinnundir to learn of what the Blue Lady had said.

Further Reading: The Blue Lady


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