Chronicles of Ered Luin

Ered Luin is located in the far west of Eriador, north-west of and connected to the Shire. The Blue Mountains, as they are known in Westron, are dominated by dwarves descending from the exile king Thráin II and by elves who used to live in Edhelion but now are established in the south along river Lhûn.

Ered Luin has a long history, though not prominent nor prosperous in any way, being just a remote mountain ridge it did not attract much interest. This did not change when Thráin and his son Thorin Oakenshield arrived, only iron could be mined there. However the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains remained in the region, side by side with elves gathering wood used for their white ships and running famous vineyards long since.

2400 T.A. - The Fall of Edhelion
2975 T.A. - The Quest of Erebor
3000 T.A. - The Fallen King
3002 T.A. - The Missing Prince
                    Dealings with Goblins
                    To Avert A War


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