LoTRO Epic Volume I, Prologue

Lord of the Rings Epic Volume I Prologue is focused on establishing the time in which your character enters Middle Earth and what leads them towards their path of following the steps of the Fellowship of the Ring. Although each storyline is unique, all stories share the same thread: Skorgrím Dourhand and Éogan, under the command of the Witch-King of Angmar, were raising an army of Goblins, Dwarves, Brigands, and Undead to bring ruin to the free peoples of Middle Earth.

The Fall of Edhelion - Elf Tutorial
The Missing Prince - Elf Prologue

The Quest of Erebor  - Dwarf Tutorial
Dealings with Goblins - Dwarf Prologue

Elves and Dwarves
The Fallen King - Elf/Dwarf Introduction
To Avert A War - Ered Luin Prologue

The House of Grimbeorn - Beorning Introduction

Men and Hobbits
The Black Rider - Man/Hobbit Tutorial
The Defence of Archet - Man/Hobbit Introduction

Concerning Hobbits - Hobbit Prologue

The Courage of Men - Man Prologue


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