A Brief Tour of Mordor: Dor Amarth

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At the Foot of Doom

Upon crossing the Isenmouthe at the southern border of the valley of Udûn, you will find yourself at Dor Amarth (Sindarin: Doomfold). Dor Amarth is the plains north of Orodruin (Sindarin: Mount Doom) where Sauron's great tower, Barad-dûr, once covered the land in shadow. The Quest of the Ring brought the dark tower down upon the land and Mount Doom itself erupted bringing the entire area around it to further ruin.

Landmarks of Dor Amarth

Dor Amarth has 5 major landmarks; Fushaum Tûm, Lûghash, Iath Ruin, Barad-dûr, and the Abyss of Mordath.

Fushaum Tûm

Fushaum Tûm (Black Speech: Smoke Encampment) is one of the few orc encampments within the Dor Amarth. As stated earlier, almost all of Sauron's forces occupied Udûn but some remained behind to watch Dor Amarth.

Lûghash, the Flaming Spire

Lûghash (Black Speech: Fire Tower) is the name given to a Gondorian tower claimed by the forces of Sauron after the War of the Last Alliance. Lûghash is the only Gondorian structure that survived the ravages of time and the destruction of the One Ring in Dor Amarth. The Flaming Spire, surprisingly, had not been under Sauron's control for many years now. A relatively unknown clan of Dwarves named the Stout-Axes reclaimed the Tower and made it their home in the Black Lands. Gimli, son of Gloin, has entered Mordor with his friend Legolas to learn of and aid these Dwarves.


Barad-dûr (Sindarin: Dark Tower) was Sauron's seat of power in Mordor. It towered over the Dor Amarth, second only to the Orodruin (Sindarin: Mount Doom) itself. Upon the destruction of the One ring, Barad-dûr crumbled to the ground, leaving only it's base standing. The tower was not abandoned, however, as Black Númenóreans faithful to Sauron continue to worship and protect the tower. Deep within it's dungeons, a host of evil creatures await any hero brave enough to face it.

The Abyss of Mordath

The Abyss of Mordath (Sindarin: Black Abyss) is a landmark shrouded in mystery. The lava-rivers of Mount Doom pour into a great chasm on the feet of the Ered Lithui (Sindarin: Ash Mountains). What horrors lay deep within the Abyss?

Iath Ruin

Iath Ruin (Sindarin: Fiery Gate) was an expanse that connected Barad-dûr directly to Sammath Naur (Sindarin: Chambers of Fire). This pass allowed Sauron and his forces to quickly move into the depths of Mount Doom without the need to climb the mountain. Upon the destruction of the One Ring, the combined eruption of the mountain and the destruction of Barad-dûr brought large parts of the Iath Ruin to the ground. Notably, Iath Ruin serves as the border to Agarnaith (Sindarin: Blood Wound).

The Aesthetics of Dor Amarth

Standing Stone Games had a very difficult task ahead of them when planning this zone out. The eruption of Mount Doom effectively destroyed this entire zone and, as a leveling experience, would be really difficult to flesh out. That being said, in regards to the lore accuracy, it is spot on. The road towards Barad-dur is lined with various statues of Evil Creatures and even Sauron himself.

The eruption of Mount Doom can be seen in every corner of this zone. The land itself is sundered and broken and many places are simply on fire. SSG did a great job in conveying the aftermath of the destruction of the One Ring. A tad dreary of a zone only in the fact of what it MUST be, but still an exceptionally designed zone.


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