What's New In Update 21, Patch 1? (Bullroarer)

The following is a visual compendium of all the new features in Update 21, Patch 1 on Bullroarer. For full patch notes, please visit the Official Forums.

Level Cap: Increased to 115

New Race: High-Elf

I can't show you more than this. They can be any class besides Beorning and Burglar. They have their own starting zone.

New Character Models 

Only Man and Elf/High-Elf are going to be in U20. The rest to come later.

New Barbershop Features

You can modify every setting of your character except for body-type.

New Epic Story: The Black Book of Mordor

The Epic Story, now referred to as The Black Book of Mordor, will take place after the destruction of the One Ring and before the Scouring of the Shire.

New Region: Mordor (North-Western Portion Known As Gorgoroth)

During the War of the Ring, Gorgoroth was the location of mines and forges which supplied Mordor's armies with weapons and armor. Frodo and Sam looked upon Gorgoroth and passed through it on their way to Mount Doom.

New Zone: Udûn

Udûn originated with the creation of the lands of Mordor. During both the war of the Last Alliance and the War of the Ring, the vast armies of Mordor passed through here and out the Black Gate to confront their enemies.

New Zone: Dor Amarth

A SSG creation. Amon Amarth was another name name for Orodruin (Mount Doom) which literally means in Sindarin "Mountain of Doom". Dor is Westron for "region" or "fold" so we can say this is "The Doomfold." Barad-dur is located here.

New Zone: Talath Urui

Another SSG creation. Urui is Sindarin for "hot" and Talth is Sindarin for "Plain". Thus these are the "Hot Plains". Makes sense.

New Zone: Lhingris

Another SSG Creation. Lhin is Sindarin for "Lean"or "Meager" and Gris can mean settlement, camp, or area. Roughly translates to "Barren Land", but I'm making some stretches here. This is where Cirith Ungol resides.

New Zone: Agarnaith

Agarnaith is curious. Agar is Sindarin for "Blood" and Naith is Sindarin for "Angle". It's most prominent landmark is Seregost, the blood fortress, where its said the Black Uruks were first bred.

New Zone: Orodruin

It's Mount Doom...what more is there to say?

New Interior Location: Durthang

Durthang was originally a stronghold of Gondor, constructed during the early Third Age for overlooking the entrance to Mordor in the aftermath of the War of the Last Alliance.

New Interior Location: Anglach

A SSG invention. Lach is Sindarin for "flame" and Ang is Sindarin for "Iron". Translates to "Iron Flame" which is fitting as this is a forge.

New Interior Location: Lughâsh, the Flaming Spire

There is a new faction called the Stout-axes which are dwarves that reside in Mordor. They have taken up residence here.

New Interior Location: The Dungeons of Barad-dur

Barad-dûr, also known as the Dark Tower, was the Dark Lord Sauron's primary stronghold in Mordor, serving as his base of operations in Middle-earth during the Second and Third Ages.

New Interior Location: Nargroth

New Interior Location: Naerband

New Interior Location: The Tower of Cirith Ungol

The Tower was built by the Men of Gondor after The War of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men to guard the province of Ithilien from the evil forces inside Mordor.

New Radiance Mechanic: Shadow/Light

Areas of Shadow can be found in varying intensity throughout Mordor. These areas weaken visitors, but the Light of Eärendil can counteract this darkness. Your character will see a Shadow and Light Rating, which will help you understand the threat posed by the Shadow. Items that grant Light of Eärendil can be found in Mordor.

New Reputation System: Allegiance

This new end-game system allows players to pledge their allegiance to one faction at a time. Pledge yourself to the Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, or Men, and unlock rewards through activities in Mordor, including a unique story arc!

New Cap: Virtues Increased to 20

New Cap: Class Trait Points Increased to 87 (Up From 83)

New 10-Year Mordor Portrait

New Crafting Tier: Doomfold

Available to all crafts. No new Guild tiers.

New Graphic Settings

The Frill Density slider adjusts the amount of frills loaded onto a scene as a percentage.

.Particle Rendering allows the player to choose which particle effects to render. The options are None, Me, Me + Targets, Targets, and All.

Weather Effects will disable precipitation effects, such as rain and snow.

Static Immobile Objects will select whether to draw particle effects on immobile objects.

10 New Legacy Tiers Added To Imbuement Legendary Items


  1. Wow.

    Thanks for compiling all of this.

  2. Im a doomfold weaponsmith and dont see the difference between the critical chance Keen Falchion of the Doomfold and its normal self, is it a bug?


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