Countdown to Mordor - Day 0

Well... SSG has made something of a fool of me. :)

I kid. I kid. I get it, these things happen. Although I did end Day 7 pretty nicely, I think it's only fitting I continue for as long as Mordor is delayed. Does that mean a day -1 or a day -2? Sure, why not. I've got 10 years of memories, after all!

The oldest screenshot my wife could find of me is actually a text post. Dated January 13th, 2009. I would have been 22 or so.

A few days later, we went into the Rift and I apparently said something that caused everyone to just....lose it. lol.

People are so mean! Side note, y'all remember glff channel? That takes me back.

You know why people lament over days past? Because this is the kind of stuff that sticks around with you:

Y'all wanna complain about bugs in Mordor? Look at this from 2010:

Anywho, hope you guys enjoyed some of these old pictures from yesteryear. Let's see how long this countdown keeps up! I'll start sharing some pretty interesting stories from the game if so. :)

See y'all soon!


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