Allegiance Demystified

There are a lot of guides out there explaining the allegiance system, and before I begin, I want to make sure I acknowledge them as they are valuable resources:

[CC] Allegiance, why, where, how and what for?
An Adventurer's Guide to Mordor - Allegiance

Now, that being said, I wanted to create a guide that is a little more direct regarding the Allegiance system. Let's jump right into it:

What is Allegiance?

Allegiance is a new reputation system. There are 4 choices, You can join all of them, but you can only have 1 active. The order by which you join each Allegiance affects the overall amount of time it takes to level up that Allegiance. First is fastest, second is less fast, third is even less so, and fourth is "normal" slow pace.

Which should I choose first?

Up to you, there's no meta to this. This is truly an RP decision. But if you want to have a little bit of a description of each story line...

Kingdom of Gondor - Witness Aragorn's coronation and help him deal with the political aftermath of the War of the Ring.
Hobbits of the Company - Help Pippin and Merry investigate the odd dealings between Saruman and the Shire...
Durin's Folk - Help the dwarves of Erebor recover from their battles and reclaim lost dwarven treasures in Mordor.
Court of Lothlorien - Recount the trials the Elve's faced during the War of the Ring and aid them against the evils remaining in Dol Goldur.

How do I start Allegiance?

Once you hit level 110, open your reputation tab. Click the bottom tab on the left. Select your preferred allegiance and click the JOIN button.

If this is your first Allegiance, make your way first to Udun Foothold and speak to King Eomer and accept the quest Men, Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits.

Otherwise, make your way to the entrance of Mordor (The Black Gate) and speak to your Allegiance contact to start your first quest. This will transport you to your Allegiance Hall where you will complete Chapter 1.

Now What?

Now you have to level your Allegiance to level 30.  Every 5 levels will unlock the next chapter of the Allegiance story up to Chapter 7 so make sure you visit your Allegiance hall at level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30.

Every level you gain will reward Tokens of Service. These are barter items used to purchase armor, jewelry, and crafting recipes from quartermasters at the Allegiance Halls.

How Do I Do That?

Use Relics of the Last Alliance. If you are not 115, your only way to acquire these are through these quests:

Quests of Mordor:
[110] The Choices of Master Samwise – [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[111] Necessary Sacrifices – [Relics of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[111] Gnats in Her Net – [Relics of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[112] The Fushaum Resolution [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[112] The Pit Fighter – Day Two [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[112] The Pit Fighter – Day Three [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[113] Escape from Naerband [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[113] Borangos the Horror [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[114] The Assault of Kala-Gijak [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]
[114] The Climb [Relic of the Last Alliance – 2000]

Lost Lore of Gorgoroth:
Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Udûn [Well-Preserved Relic of the Last Alliance – 5000]
Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Dor Amarth [Well-Preserved Relic of the Last Alliance – 5000]
Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Lhingris [Well-Preserved Relic of the Last Alliance – 5000]
Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Talath Urui [Well-Preserved Relic of the Last Alliance – 5000]
Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Agarnaith [Well-Preserved Relic of the Last Alliance – 5000]

I Heard Something About Dailys...?

Once you are level 115, the quest Continue the Conquest will automatically be bestowed to you IF you have completed the deed "Tales of Gorgoroth" which requires that you complete the Black Book of Mordor AND each zone's questlines:

To complete the Tales of Gorgoroth, the following needs to have been done: 
Complete The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter Four: Union of Fate
Complete a Solemn Gathering
Complete What was Spoken and What Revealed
Complete Into the Abyss
Complete Aiglos
Complete Eyes in the Dark
Complete Under the Fires of Orodruin
Complete The Secrets of Seregost

Once you complete Continue the Conquest, you will unlock daily and weekly quests that reward Relics of the Last Alliance.

Your Allegiance hall will offer a quest to complete 4 quests across 2 different zones daily and a weekly quest to complete 4:

These dailies are scattered across Mordor camps (wherever stables are) upon expedition boards:

The zones and the quests reset daily.


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