Visual Guide to Nargroth

There is only 1 quest that vectors in Nargroth. Under the fires of Orodruin is a zone-wide quest in Talath Urui that takes you to every major area of the zone. The very last objective will be to enter Nargroth so do not start this zone without this objective.

Immediately upon zoning it, a watcher-stone will be in the middle of the room. Click on it to gain various quests available to this dungeon:

The stone will offer just 1 quest:

Head further in and defeat some orcs until an offering drops. Go back to the stone to progress the quest. This will open up 3 auto-bestowed quests:

Here is a map of all the objectives:

When all the quests are completed, go back to the stone and finish the quest "Playing with Fire"

3 more quests will become available:

Here is another map of the objectives for the next phase:

With all quests completed, go back to the stone and turn them in. This will unlock the final quest, "The Ancient Ward":

Here are the locations of the fragments:

At it's completion, this quest will take you back to Istnir in Udun Foothold. Map or make your way to Udun to turn in the quest and start the instance quest "Borangos the Horror"

and you're done!


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